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Hello. This is my Internet site. I’m glad you found it.

My name is Mike Rylander.
I am an actor, host, writer and producer.

I’ve worked in film, television, theater, commercials,
audiobooks, radio, professional sports and live events.


My acting credits include Parks and Recreation (NBC), The Young and the Restless (CBS),
The Gambler (Paramount), and Hollywood Adventures (Justin Lin), among others.


Most recently, I spent 2 years at Larry King‘s Ora TV, where I wrote, hosted and produced two web series,
So That Happened… and WTFark!, which was distributed on The Huffington Post and Fark.com.

I just finished my 6th season as the Arena Host for the UCLA Bruins Men’s Basketball team,
and I was an NBA Arena Host for the Los Angeles Clippers and Minnesota Timberwolves for 7 years.


Currently, I am an Associate Social Video Producer for CBS Interactive and CBS.com,
and I am developing several projects for episodic production, including Ladies on Top and The Fourth Stall.

I’ve emceed numerous live events for many clients and venues, including The MGM Grand, SyFy, Delta Airlines, The NBA,
NBC Sports, The Grove, FOX Sports, The Beverly Hills Hotel, BP Oil, The Pac-12, The Mall of America and more.

I’ve narrated several audiobooks, including The Fourth Stall (HarperCollins), which was authored by my brother, Chris,
and I once hosted a regional-Emmy nominated game show on The CW Twin Cities called 21 Cards.

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I was once featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of the “50 Sexiest Bachelors in America,”
and I’ve studied improvisation and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade and Brave New Workshop.

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Basically, I like to work.
Cuz work = soul-fulfilling artsy fartsy stuff.


And food.
Work = Food.

I also have a baby.
My baby likes food too.


My baby is older than this now.
Cause if she didn’t age, she’d be some sort of time witch or something.


Which would just be silly.